Odiham's new Gate Guardian and Mk4 Chinook

Date: 24-05-2012 The Secretary of State for Defence Philip Hammond MP visited RAF Odiham today to meet with RAF personnel who have served on operational detachments to Afghanistan and other theatres around the world and view the newly-into-service Chinook Mk4 helicopter. ZD 575, one of Odiham's new Mk.4 cabs

38 Mk2/2A Chinooks are going through a modification process to the Mk4/4A configuration as part of Project JULIUS. The main focus of the modification for the Mk4/4A is the Thales TopDeck cockpit. Thales UK is under contract with Boeing to supply its Cockpit Display System/Mission Avionic System. This will enhance situation awareness, improve safety and increase options for capability enhancement. The upgraded and integrated cockpit display includes four multifunction displays, two stand-by flight displays, updated communications interfaces, and two new air data computers.

Philip Hammond MP, with Odiham's new gate guardian During his visit, Mr Hammond also unveiled a Chinook ‘gate guardian’, a generous gesture from the Royal Air Force’s Chinook Defence partner, Boeing Rotorcraft UK, who have donated a retired Chinook to the station and provided funding to have it installed at the entrance to the station.

The Gate Guardian was created from life-expired parts from both the U.S. Army and Royal Air Force aircraft, it was rebuilt at RAF Odiham in a joint venture between defence and industry.

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