24-05-12 Chinook Gate Guardian and the new Mk.4 cab.
The Secretary of State for Defence, The Right Honorable Philip Hammond MP visited Royal Air Force Odiham today to view the newly-into-service Chinook Mk 4 helicopter.
During his visit, Mr Hammond also unveiled a Chinook ‘gate guardian’, a generous gesture from the Royal Air Force’s Chinook Defence partner, Boeing Rotorcraft UK.
Full story here.

22-08-11 RAF to recieve 14 new Mk.6 cabs
The Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox has visited RAF Odiham today to announce that the MOD have signed a £1BN contract with Boeing to supply 14 new Chinook helicopters for the RAF, the new cab will be known as Mk.6 variants.
The signing of the contract today will bring the UK's overall number of Chinooks to 60 making it the largest fleet in Europe.
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11-05-09 RAF Odiham to remain open!
It has been announced that RAF Odiham is to remain open as Project Belvedere has been cancelled please read the Offical Press release for further details. The Station Commander, Gp Capt Andy Turner is qouted as saying: "The cancellation of Programme BELVEDERE and the long term basing of Chinooks at RAF Odiham is great news for us, our families and the local community. It will allow us to cement already strong relationships locally and do our best for our servicemen and women and their families."

25-07-06 60(R) Sqn visit RAF Odiham
RAF Shawbury's 60(R)Sqn will be visiting RAF Odiham from the 4-8th of September as part of their Tactical Deployment training, expect to see up to three Griffin helicopters flying tactical sorties with underslung loads. They will utilising the extensive local field systems for navigational purposes.

25-07-06 25 Years of the RAF Chinook:
On the 27th of July RAF Odiham will be celebrating 25 years of the RAF Chinook operating at the airbase. RAF Chinooks have seen action in almost every British military operation from the Falklands conflict through to the very latest evacuation of foreign nationals from Lebanon.

11-05-05 18(B) Sqn Anniversary:
18(B) are to organise an association reunion at the 18 Sqn Hangar on the 11th of May 2005, exactly 90 years to the day since 18Sqn were formed. To commemorate this occasion a cab has been painted with nose art plus the squadron crest. Later in the year, in June, there will be a Squadron families day which will include flying displays, BBQ, kiddies events and of coarse the bar !!

27-10-03 Night flying news release:
The night-flying phase of an Operational Conversion Flight (OCF) will take place from Monday the 27th of October till Tuesday the 11th of November (Monday-Thursday each week). There are to be two waves of aircraft each evening, the first 17-30 till 19-30 and second 20-30 till 11-30. Times could vary up to 01-00.
Any enquiries about the increase in Night Flying from Odiham should be directed to the Corporate Communications Officer on 01256 704280.

20-04-02 18(B) Sqn are to organise a reunion dinner for all Aircrew and Groundcrew who served with 18(B)Sqn during Operation Corporate.
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01-02-02 As a result of the majority of 16 Air Assualt Brigade being tasked elsewhere in the world, only 1 Parachute Regiment took part in Exercise Eagles Flight. The Support Helicopters were based at Westdown Camp on Salibury Plain with the actual amount/type of rotory aircraft as follows: Three 27 Sqn Chinooks, Two 33 Sqn Puma's and One 28 Sqn Merlin.
Click here to view some images from the exercise.

10-01-02 Up to six Chinook helicopters have been tasked for the first of this years major exercises, Ex Eagles Flight 02 will be taking place in the South of England at various locations including SPTA, Keevil, Hullavington, Lulworth and Chivenor before moving to East Anglia for the last couple of days. Due to run from 21-01-02 through to 01-02-02, there should be plenty of Helicopter activity witnessed as the SHF support the 16th Air Assault Brigade in moving troops and their equipment around the locations.
I hope to capture some images of the action as it takes place, watch this space !

26-11-01 RAF Odiham stays !
Rumours of the RAF base closing and the Chinook Support Helicopter Force (SHF) base relocating to the Royal Naval station of Yeovilton were ended today as the MOD decided not to close RAF Odiham and to keep it open for "cost and operational reasons", this is good news for both station crews and local members of public.

27-09-01 A public meeting is to be held on the 27-09-01 in Odiham town to inform the public of the latest news on the possible relocation of the RAF's Chinook fleet to Yeovilton in Somerset. Although the RAF have denied any rumours that a decision has been made already, people in the local area are worried about what would happen if the base were to close. The official announcement is not expected until December.

09-07-01 Exercise Eagles Strike is due to take place in Southern England and East Anglia in military training areas from the 16th to 28th of July with a number of Chinooks taking part. The Army Air Corps new addition, the Apache Longbow, should also be taking part.

08-05-01 The MOD have announced further military training areas are to open, this includes the Salisbury Plain Training Area(SPTA) which will be a great relief to both the Army and RAF alike. Up until now RAF helicopters have been restricted to landing at RAF stations ONLY

01-05-01 Exercise Eagles Lift, which was due to take place in June 01, has been another victim caused by the restrictions of the Foot and Mouth crises. The Exercise which was supposed to be held on SPTA has had to be cancelled this year as Salisbury plain remains closed.

09-04-01 The MOD have announced that 21 Military Training Areas have been cleared for access for training purposes, it is hoped that yet more will be open in the near future so that the British Army and the RAF will be able to work together in forthcoming exercises.
It is also known that the Chinook Helicopters have now been cleared to fly low level down to ground level but MUST NOT LAND, basically hovering is now allowed in the field systems of LFA 1B.

27-03-01 Because of the restrictions on low flying and general training caused by the F&M crises, the crews at RAF Odiham have been utilising the geographical contour of the airfield. An increase in the use of the TAC park for USL training and inclines on the South side of the runway for Sloping Ground, has meant that some training can continue.

11-03-01 The Official RAF Odiham web site goes on-line. With information about the Station Structure, History, Welfare, Community relations and location map, it is sure to be a big hit for both the general public and serving personnel.

02-03-01 Some of the pictures from Exercise Eagles Flight are published in the latest issue of the RAF NEWS. Issue No.1018 contains an article on the RAF's role in Eagles Flight 2001 with pictures to support the text.

26-02-01 Due to the Foot & Mouth crises that has hit the U.K within the past week, the MOD has announced that low flying training for Rotary aircraft will be cancelled till further notice. This drastic move is to help prevent the possible transportation of the disease to/from remote training fields around the country.

25-02-01 Although Exercise Druids Dance is due to start on 26th of February, the SHF Chinook's are not to be tasked until 6th March--16th March.

09-02-01 Up to six cabs will be used on the next Exercise Druids Dance said to run from 26th February-18th March on and around the SPTA.

31-01-01 Unfortunately due to the bad weather on Salisbury plain, most of the flying has been delayed or cancelled for the first couple of days of Ex Eagles Flight. However I have managed to get some pictures of the SHF in action on Salisbury Plain.

25-01-01 More details have been released about Ex Eagles Flight which is due to start next week (29-01-01) through to 09-02-01.
The Exercise consist of the following:
Up to 1,800 soldiers, 400 wheeled vehicles and 40 Lynx and Gazelle helicopters from 16th Air Assault Brigade. RAF support will also be a key, in the form of 6 Chinook and 2 Puma helicopters, and 2 Hercules aircraft and 2 Jaguar fast jets.
The exercise will be conducted within the following military training areas: SPTA; Keevil; Hullavington; Barton Stacey; Chivenor; Castlemartin and Pembrey ranges.
The Chinooks are due to start work from 30-01-01 onwards, moving under slung loads and troops to some of the locations listed.

20-12-00 The latest news is that Four cabs from 27 Sqn will be involved in Ex Eagles Flight 2001.

13-12-00 The first of next years EAGLES exercises will take place towards the end of January / start of February 2001.
Ex EAGLES FLIGHT will be taking place in the South of England, conducted by the 16th Air Assault Brigade with the Support Helicopter Force(SHF) aiding with the movement of troops and supplies in the "Field". Take a look at Exercise Eagles Flight 2000.
More details soon.

07-11-00 RAF Odiham have distributed a Chinook helicopter from 18 & 27 Sqn to help with supplying sandbags to the towns of Barlby and Selby in Yorkshire. A second week of heavy rainfall has meant that the River Ouse is on flood alert and the military services are now using Chinook helicopters to drop off thousands of sandbags to line the edges of the river.

24-10-00 It was announced by the media late yesterday that RAF Odiham is amongst a short list of bases to be SHUT DOWN!! The newly formed Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) is thought to be looking at improving the way the helicopter force is operated and one of the options would be to move the whole of the Chinook fleet to Yeovilton where they would use the then empty Southside of the runway. Other options would be to make Yeovilton the base for the 16th Air Assault Brigade Lynx and Gazelle fleet or the RAF's "new" Merlin helicopter.
As always I will keep you posted on what is happening on the base.

10-9-00 The RAF Chinook takes centre stage, literally, at the Middle Wallop Airshow this weekend as it participates in the massed approach and an airfield assault demonstration. Pictures of the Chinooks in action will appear very shortly.

4-9-00 RAF Shawbury's 60(R)Sqn have brought three Griffin helicopters to RAF Odiham for another week of "Tactical Training" utilising the field system's that Odiham have to offer.

10-8-00 Two Chinook's will be participating in the Middle Wallop International Air Show MWIAS between the 7th and 10th of September. It was initially thought that they would also be included in the Helimeet competition but this is not to be. I'm sure they would do well!!

24-7-00 Air Traffic Control (ATC) Odiham will be extremely busy this week because of the Farnborough 2000 airshow taking place nearby. ATC Odiham have taken on the task of making the RAF Odiham airfield available to business jets visiting the airshow, this allows Farnborough to focus on the visiting participating airshow traffic that dominate their airfield. The normal visits of private jets such as Gulfstreams etc to Farnborough have had to divert to RAF Odiham to be able to drop off and pick up passengers either visiting the airshow or arriving as ferry passengers from BAe sites or abroad.

17-7-00 A single "Nook" turned up at the Chivenor open day on 12th July only to go U/S when it was needed for the airfield assault exercise. Speaking to one of the crew, they said "we've broken something and are trying to fix it".
Another "Nook" was seen in action at Yeovilton airshow on 15th July, it was participating in yet another airfield assault along with Seakings, Lynx and Gazelle's. As one would expect the Chinook was in great demand moving small tanks forward into the public viewing area.

8-7-00 A practice formation flypast flight took place around the area of Odiham airfield this afternoon in preparation for the Military Tattoo flypasts taking place from the 9th to 15th of July. Four Seaking's, a single Puma and a Chinook took part. Later in the evening the Falcons parachute display team practiced jumping from the Puma and Chinook onto the airfield.

5-7-00 A Puma and Chinook are expected to do a parachute drop over Odiham airfield on Saturday the 8th of July between 18.00 and 19.30. It is not known why at this stage.

27-6-00 The RAF Odiham "Wokka" site gets a mention in the House of Commons during the ongoing debate about the Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash. One MP is reported to have said " The RAF Odiham's Chinook Wokka site is very good".

20-6-00 As expected, 60(R)Sqn have brought three of there Griffin's to RAF Odiham for a week of "Tactical Training" to take place utilising the field system that Odiham have to offer. They arrived between 12.00 and 13.00 local time on Monday.

14-6-00 One or more of the Chinooks from Odiham are due took to take part in Artillery 2000 taking place on Larkhill range from the 29th of June to the 1st July, they are expected to bring in underslung 105mm Light guns to be used during the exhibition.

12-05-00 Three Griffin's from 60(R)Sqn are due to arrive at Odiham on 19-06-00 for a week of low fly training, this will involve the use of LFA 1B's extensive field system.

06-05-00 Two Chinooks have left for Sierra Leone

06-03-00 The latest news on 657 Sqn is that they are due to move to Odiham on 01-07-00 (July)

19-2-00 Unfortunately because of strong winds the abseiling and parachuting never took place. They were used for "dry runs" for troops to learn how to disembark and unload from the back of the helicopter. Also an extensive group of sorties which included under slung loads from South Cerney as base camp to both Hullavington and Keevil airfields.

11-2-00 Four Chinooks from 27 Sqn "B" Flight will be taking part in Eagle Flight 2000 to be held between 14th-25th of February. Whilst at South Cerney paratroopers will take part in abseiling and parachuting from the helicopters.
Pictures coming soon.

It is known that 657 Sqn from Dishforth with it's Lynx helicopters will be moving to RAF Odiham and joining 7 Sqn in it's hangar in 2000 and that there are some internal moves taking place between hangars.

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